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We are a force of Electric Ride Enthusiasts, looking to expand the PEV community in Tampa Bay!
We buy + sell, upgrade + repair, and rent + tour Personal Electric Vehicles.
If it's a PEV - we're interested!

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PEV Repairs & Upgrades

Pinellas PEV is your go-to destination for PEV repair and upgrades in Pinellas County, FL. From Electric Bikes, OneWheel, E-Skateboards, EUC, Electric Scooters, and more - if it's a PEV, we're here to help! We offer Flat-Rate & Hourly services, starting at $100.

We provide comprehensive services to keep your personal electric vehicles running optimal and healthy. A skilled service tech will get your E-ride Fixed Quick (usually within 1-2 days), ensuring you get back on the road with confidence! Use the Message button below to inquire with details. ❀️

PEV Gear
& Parts

We have a limited selection of popular safety gear and brand-name accessories. We will soon expand to carry a larger selection of inventory. We carry all sizes of helmets, and chargers for OneWheel, EUC, SurRon, Talaria, and more.

We special order parts needed (batteries, components, etc) for repairs from US vendors, with typical shipping times of less than a week for most common parts. Use the Message button below to inquire about more. ❀️

& Customs

We proudly offer a wide range of new and refurbished PEVs for sale. Whether you're in the market for an Electric Bike, OneWheel, E-Skateboard, EUC, or Electric Scooter, we've got options to suit every preference and budget.

Used PEVs for Sale

At Pinellas PEV, we're committed to helping you find the perfect ride for your needs. With our expertise and extensive selection, you can confidently choose a PEV that brings excitement to your daily commute or leisurely adventures. Use the Message button below to inquire with details. ❀️

Sell us
your E-Ride

Electric PEV Device Repair

Ready to upgrade or part ways with your current PEV? We Buy & Sell personal Electric vehicles in Pinellas County, FL. Whether you have an Electric Bike, OneWheel, E-Skateboard, EUC, Electric Scooter, or any other PEV - we're interested in considering it for purchase.

🏷️ SOLDπŸ’° PEVs

Our experienced team evaluates each E-Ride, offering competitive prices based on its condition and market value. Selling your PEV to us is straightforward and convenient, ensuring a smooth transaction process. Use the Message button below to inquire with details. ❀️

Credit, Loans & Financing

We offer a variety of payment options to assist you in acquiring the electric transportation you desire. Our PEV can be purchased using debit or credit, Venmo/PayPal, or Zelle.

In addition to outright purchase options, we offer several credit tools, including good-credit and no-credit lease-to-own financing. Get into a new electric vehicle for as little as $1,000 down today.

Electric Rentals

Explore beautiful & sunny Tampa Bay in style with Pinellas PEV Rentals. We're your local hub for convenient and thrilling Personal Electric Vehicle (PEV) rentals. Whether you're looking to cruise the streets on an Electric Bike, E-Skateboard, EUC, or Electric Hydrofoil - we've got you covered!

Guided Adventures

Embark on an unforgettable journey through Tampa Bay with Pinellas PEV! Our local PEV tours offer a unique and eco-friendly way to explore the area's hidden gems and popular attractions. All experiences are Privately Guided by a pair of experienced PEV equipment trainers.

Hop on one of our Electric Bikes, E-Skateboards, or Electric Scooters, as our experienced guides lead you on an exciting adventure. Our PEV tours are tailored to provide fun and insight on the beauty + culture of Pinellas County. Use the Message button below to inquire with details. ❀️

PEV Order Inquiry

Ready to adopt your new favorite form of transportation and extracurricular fun? Reach out and let us know which device you’re looking to command. πŸ›ž

Pinellas Trail Services

COMING SOON!As you journey along the Pinellas Trail, take advantage of our convenient amenities designed to elevate your E-Ride experience. Pinellas PEV is here to make your E-Xploration even more memorable and convenient.

Electric PEV Device Repair

- Come inside and relax in our ICE COLD AC on a hot day!
- Recharge with our PEV charging stations, FREE with purchase.
- Keep your PSI in-check with access to air-pumps, FREE everyday.
- Refresh with FREE purified water running on-tap.
- Stay connected with Public WiFi internet access, FREE everyday.
- Also providing FREE fire (lighter) for your analog flame needs.
- Jam out to awesome LOUD music on our outdoor patio.
- Utilize our Clean & Fresh INCLUDED bathroom facilities!

Paradise PEV Lounge

COMING SOON!Experience everything Pinellas PEV has to offer, with our members lounge - β€œPEV Paradise”. Enjoy UNLIMITED extra-awesome amenities, anytime during our normal hours of operation! All for a whopping $8/month 😲

Paradise PEV Lounge

- Chill out with INCLUDED access to Ice machine, for your drink!
- Enjoy use of INCLUDED charging stations & our PEV charger!
- Keep your PSI in-check with our automatic air-filling stations.
- Refresh with INCLUDED (reverse osmosis) purified water!
- Stay connected with Fast Private (1GB) Internet access.
- We have a Microwave - Members have access to it.
- Be the DJ and control our music on the outdoor patio!
- Utilize our INDOOR Air Conditioned bathroom facilities!

Let's Get Connected

Electric PEV Device Repair

We're excited to hear from your about your PEV interests or needs! Use this fast & easy contact form to share your request and information for a prompt return communication. We look forward to getting connected with you. Thanks for reaching out!

Local PEV Enthusiasts

Electric PEV Device Repair

Established in 2023, Pinellas PEV is a Local Electric Ride service, providing sales, service, repairs and rentals to the Tampa Bay, FL area. Come see us on the Pinellas Trail, and join weekly community events!

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[Mondays] Swan City Ride - Lakeland (City Center)
[Tuesdays] Tampa Float Krewe - Riverwalk (Armature Works)
[Wednesdays] Palmetto Lithium Cartel - Bradenton (Riverside Park)
[Thursdays] St Pete Float Fleet - Downtown (Vinoy Park)
[Fridays] Gulfport EUC Riderz - Gulfport (Recreation Center)
[Saturdays] Trio Weekend Rides - Largo (Toucans Pie Factory)

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